Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rumor Mill

There is a rumor going around the web which says something to the effect that Loeb's plan for the "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" franchise is to let Season Two run out, and then reboot the franchise to be in continuity with the new "Ultimate Spider-Man" show, changing the line-up and direction of the series.  The rumor basically says if a Marvel Studios show doesn't have Loeb's creative input embedded in it somewhere, then "its going nowhere", so to speak.

Bear in mind, I don't know the man, so I am speaking from my 35 years in business, not from personal experience with Loeb, but that "not invented here" mentality is extremely prevalent in the high-tech industry. When someone comes in at a mid-management or higher position, they are pushing for things to increase dramatically under their tenure, to prove that they're adding value. Old things which are successful get credit for the original creators/owners of the project, decision, or property -- nobody gets any credit for being a successful caretaker of someone else's thing.  This is especially true in brand marketing, where (for example) the more Red Hulk is pushed, the more value his brand has as it gains recognizability and popularity. Eventually one might even see "Red Hulk: The Motion Picture", and Loeb would greatly benefit from that, both in terms of his reputation and his personal economy.  Its not petty, its not ego - its enhancing your career and renumeration.

Now, that said, lets look at the facts, and not rumor.  The first 40 or so episodes of AEMH (all of Season One, and the first half of Season Two) were done by the same creative team, and much of the work of the rest of Season Two was already well-underway as well - and mostly, this stuff was done before the end of 2011, whereas Season Two didn't air until 2012.  If we were to get a Season Three, the people involved in the original Season One and Two have already moved on and are working on other creative works.  I am not sure that a third season done by others wouldn't "jump the shark" - and to be honest, I'd rather have two seasons of excellent episodes than have a third season which was the creative equivalent of "The Goliath Chronicles".

If all I get of my AEMH is 52 solid episodes with a quality equivalent to what we've gotten so far, with excellent writing and characterizations, I will count myself grateful and more-or-less content.  Its far better for a series to go out on creative high notes than to keep running until the quality so egregiously degrades that cancellation becomes more of a mercy killing, right?


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