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Thunderbolts in AEMH

Thunderbolds in AEMH, Part I

The reason why there were so effective in the MU from a dramatic standpoint is that we knew who they were.

* Baron Zemo as Citizen V - Master of Evil leader and son of the founders of the Masters of Evil.  Long history in the MU against CA and the Avengers.  The problem in AEMH is that the character [I]doesn't exist[/I]; the Baron Zemo in the AEMH is the same as the father, well preserved by the genetic magics of Arnim Zola. 

* Goliath as Atlas - In the MU, Erik Joesten was created to replace Wonder Man when Wonder Man betrayed the Masters of Evil.  Easy to do, as Zemo's scientists created the Ionic procedure.  In AEMH, Wonder Man went from huma to ionic form in one step when MODOC's procedure was interrupted by Thor's mystic lightning.  Its not clear it can be replicated, and Wonder Man is still a member of the Masters of Evil.

* Beetle as MACH I - Not yet introduced in the AEMH universe, so most of the audience would go "Who?", as opposed to the MU Beetle, who has been a longtime threat, introduced (IIRC) as an Avengers villain working for the Collector.

* Fixer as Techno - Seen once in the AEMH ls comic, as a member of Batroc's Brigade. 

* Moonstone as Meteor - Not yet seen in the AEMH universe.

* Screaming Mimi as Songbird  - Not yet seen in the AEMH universe.

So, all things considered, you'd need a season as a "runway" to introduce the Evil incarnations; going straight through to the T-Bolts would please T-bolt fans, but that's a pretty small group to aim at...

Thunderbolts in AEMH, Part II

There are two ways to get the Thunderbolts into the AEMH; the first way would to use Season Two (if possible, but probably not unless they already have it planned) to introduce the villains from which the Thunderbolts are made.

The other way would be to use someone else already introduced into the series into one or more of the roles; so, lets take a quick peek at how that might be done.

List of Vault Escapees and Status - (probably needs updating!).  So, we need candidates (or at least reasonable substitutes) for the following:

Now, we need for them to replace the Avengers and the FF, but I can think of a dozen storylines which would keep the Avengers and the FF out of the way for awhile, and if I can do it, the professional storytellers should certainly be able to manage.

Citizen V - Keep him as Zemo; the original point to the Thunderbolts was not reformation; that came later.  This is more in keeping with the original thematic purpose; pulling a fast one over the world in their quest for World Domination (tm).

MACH I - Almost as easy; we have a Master of Evil whose very used to fighting in an armored combat suit - the Crimson Dynamo.  All we have to do is to build him something that doesn't look like the Soviet 1950's "We come from Mars" current suit (the design of which I do love, but c'mon - even SHIELD has flight wings that look like MACH I's).

Atlas - Instead of using Simon William's replacement. I think we just use Simon Williams; he's got the size-change down, and it should be an easy fix to restore his appearance to something human that isn't immediately recognizable as Simon Williams. 

Songbird - In the MU, Songbird was played by Screaming Mimi, who has not yet been introduced yet.  However, Songbird's abilities are a fusion of her sonic scream, passed through Klaw's sonic sound technology to create sonic sound, and since Klaw exists and has interacted with Hydra, so we potentially some out-of-work AIM scientists build a throat generator that does flight and sonic sound.  Now all we need is an evil female with long hair, something in short supply.  Assuming that the Skrulls keep the originals that they replace (and we know they at least keep some of them), lets give Viper a quick dye job, put her in the costume and voice collar, and presto!  Instant Songbird, even if we restrict the sonics to flight and sonic blasts.

Techno - Techno is basically a walking "Utility Belt from Hell"; pretty much any of the high-tech stooges can fill the role.   We could use the A.I.M. Supreme Scientist, we could use the Mad Thinker, we could use almost anyone.  heck, we could even use the Fixer; he was introduced as a member of Batroc's Brigade in the limited-series comic, after all.

Meteor - Meteor is really a problem; Moonstone doesn't exist.   However, we do have one alternative I'm rather fond of; a brainwashed Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel.  We know she exists now in the AEMH Universe, and that Meteor impersonates HER in the mainstream MU for Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers team; it would seem to be a fitting ironic symmetry if Carol was captured by the MOE to play the role of Meteor.  She's got the powers, if not the delightfully evil, manipulative personality - and lets face it, the character of Karla is not replaceable!

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