Sunday, May 1, 2011

Avengers Origins

One of the strange aspects to "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" is the fact that the founding members of the Avengers have not been defined within the series:

Iron Man - We know that munitions billionaire and playboy Tony Stark invented the Iron Man armor, but we don't know any of the AEMH continuity details.

Hulk - We know that Bruce Banner suffered a gamma radiation accident, but we don't know whether or not it was during the testing of a gamma bomb, we don't know if he saved a youth who had sneaked onto the testing range named Rick Jones, et cetera.

Ant-Man/Giant-Man - We know that Hank Pym developed the size-changing Pym particles, and invented his cybernetic inselct-communication helmet.

Wasp - We know that Hank designed the procedure to give Janet Van Dyne wings and to channel bio-energy blasts, but we don't know why he conducted human experiments with such new procedures.

Thor - Clearly, there is no Dr. Don Blake in Thor's origin.

Hawkeye - All we know is that he has been a special SHIELD agent, and that he crew up in a circus; we don't know if he was already the bowman marksman when he joined SHIELD, we don't know if he was mentored by the carnie who would become the villain-turned-hero the Swordsman.

The Black Panther and Captain America (well, and Ms. Marvel, but she's not an Avenger yet!) are the only two of the Avengers for which we have relatively complete origins - mostly because they happened as episodes!