Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Australian AEMH

In the USA, the remaining episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes don't broadcast until after the release of the Thor movie, May 6th. In Australia, they're already being broadcast, one a day, until the rest of the season is done.  These are, as one might expect, being made available to Youtube. 

I will not be discussing or using the content from these episodes until their USA release dates.

My reason is simple.  Respect - the same reason why I have an iTunes subscription to Season One, and will subscribe to Season Two as soon as its available. 

There is an implicit relationship when a company - in this instance, Marvel Studios - authorizes the creation of a show.  They put out a reasonable investment, they hire such professionals as Joshua Fine, Chris Yost, and a horde of others to create the best Avengers show they can.  The writers, artists, directors, production logistics folk - all of them work very diligently.  If, as consumers and fans, we like what they have done, we make a certain effort to reward it; in the case of "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes", this requires access to the DisneyXD channel, which means paying a company for access, or paying a subscription fee to iTunes for the whole season.  

Granted, these are not huge costs to pay, but they are there, and part of the implicit contract between those who provide us with the show, and those of us who eagerly watch the show. 

In the United States, the show is slated to help promote the movie, and "prepare the ground", so to speak, for the Captain America movie coming in July.  It is my belief that honoring their wishes shows the proper respect for those who make the show we're all so fond of, from Joshua Fine and Chris Yost to the in-betweener artists and the production slav....er...assistants.  I value what they do, and my way of showing that respect is to not take advantage of the availability of the episodes via the Australian release, but to wait patiently for their USA release, as intended.

My appetite for the new episodes is as great as anyone's, so I do understand the temptation to indulge in the new episodes before their USA release date.  I know many of you will roll your eyes at the concept of respect due the creators of AEMH, and extending to them an inconvenient courtesy.  Courtesy and respect are rare commodities these days, and have little value to those who don't want to wait to see the episodes; and in fact, I'm not expecting many of you to join me in waiting.  I am explaining why I am waiting, and why the site's content will not be updating with it (for the most part - I reserve the right to make microheroes and cast entries with what I know when information is legitimately released, as with the episodes "Ultron-5" and "The Casket of Ancient Winters") until the USA release dates.

Sometimes, just because we can do something is not a good enough reason to actually do it. 

As ever, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).


  1. thank you, I agree with everything you wrote. I never understood why other countries were allowed to air episodes before the US , if ratings are even the slightest bit important to Marvel/Disney, wouldn't you air it in the US first to ensure a good number ? It seems that once it hits Youtube a percentage of people won't care to catch it on the first broadcast. Will low viewer numbers play into whether or not a 3rd season is greenlit ?

    I actually work on the show and had these same questions when I worked on WATXM when it aired in Canada and South America first.

    Anyways, thanks again for being cool, supporting the series and having the backbone to wait it out.
    It'll be worth it --

    Respect received and returned in kind-

  2. Well, as I said... its HARD to not be self-indulgent. I don't watch it first-run on DisneyXD in any case I get my fix through iTunes (but its really six of one, half-dozen of another).

    I always -without any basis in reality- assumed that the reason Marvel Studios authorized two seasons without a buyer was that they knew in advance that they had to do something to boost name/brand recognition for the films; the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises have almost always had a cartoon of one sort or another either in syndication, in first-run, or a movie or something, but the Avengers... not so much. Not very long ago if one said "I'm a big Avengers fan!" most people thought of John Steed and Emma Peel...

    So, to a certain degree ratings are problematic for the first two seasons - but if it hasn't found a decent audience by then, two seasons may be all we get... and that would make me a Big Sad Panda!