Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is the Winter of our Discontent!

While we wait out the dearth of new content - we still have seven episodes yet to air for Season One, but so far no information about the episodes, or when their will air - I thought I'd toss out a list of things I'd like to see in future episodes (while being perfectly happy if I don't see any of it, so long as the writing stays as top-notch as it has thus far!) or seasons.

Some tap dancing will be required without the presence of the Scarlet Witch, but I am confident that they can either work around that, or (even better!) add her to the team.

* "Invasion of the Lava Men" I like the lava men, what can I say... (Av v.1 #5)

* "The Coming of the Swordsman" Intro Swordsman as a traitor Avenger. We can include the subplot with him being a spy for the Mandarin (Av v.1 #19)

* "Attuma Attacks!" (Av v.1 #26) *cue Arnie voice "Its not a tumor!"*

* "Sign of the Serpent" Sons of the Serpent (Av. v.1 #32) - Preferably with some of the Serpent Society acting as officers/leaders.  I always though that once the Serpent Society was introduced, that the Sons of the Serpent (sans their racism) would be a natural name for their human operatives.

* "In Our Midst - an Immortal" Intro Heracles (Av. v.1 #38) We can have overtones of the Thor storyline with Pluto as the enemy, too ...

* "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie" Diablo and Dragon Man (Av. v.1 #41)

* "Behold - The Vision" Intro Vision. (Av. v.1 #57)

* Combine Avengers #59 and 60, with the Circus of Crime, but minus the wedding. To0 early...

* "Enter - the Squadron Sinister" Intro the Squiddies! (Av. v1 #70)

* "The Lethal Legion" Intro Lethal Legion (Av. v.1 #79)

* "Check and Mate" Intro Space Phantom into AEMH (Av. v.1 #108)

* "Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions" Hard one without Scarlet, but has one of the best Cap scenes ever. (Av. v.1 #113)

* The Avengers/Defenders War! Go Loki!

* Any plotline with the Collector.

* The Zodiac, but any decent plot will do... (Av v.1 #120)

* Any Legion of the Unliving story, Intro Immortus (Av v.1 #130)

* Avengers Vs. Kang in the 19th Century American West (Av. v.1 #142)

* The Serpent Crown storyline. (Av. v.1 #144, et al)

* Acts of Vengence (Av v.1 #313)

* The Lunatic Legion (Kree renegades trying to take revenge on the Avengers for their part in the Kree/Skrull war)

* "Once an Invader" Et al - any excuse for an Invaders flashback. Come to that, lets see a plot with Baron Blood recapping his first appearance in the Invaders (Invaders #6-7).

There are some plots that I'd like to see - the Magneto in the Savage Land with his mutates, around Av. #112 or so? - but Magneto is problematic, given his "X-Universe" status.

I also wouldn't mind seeing "focus" episodes - adapted stories from the individual Iron Man/Thor/Cap/Hulk titles.

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