Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quality Will Tell

I'm about halfway through an Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes marathon - it started when I needed to pull reference from the first episode, and I let it run until ... well, lets just say I just finished "Living Legend".  Some scenes still send a chill up my spine.

The humor, the spot-on characterization by Chris Yost and his team of writers, the whole Silver Age gestalt... the series holds up to repeated viewings in the same way that Batman: TAS and the Justice League cartoons do, with the difference that, well, not to put too fine a point on it... these are my Avengers.

Shame the comics, under BENDIS!, are for me absolutely unreadable - cardboard mannequins in colored costumes.  They look alike, they sound alike, they move like chess pieces to fulfill the fanfic-level crap plots.

The difference is... excruciatingly, nausea-inducing pain.

Friday, March 25, 2011

AEMH and the End of Season One

Ordinarily I don't worry overmuch about spoilers on my site, but I am warning you now, you might not want to read the rest of this if you really don't want to hear me talk about the end of Season One.

So instead, I give you a couple of microheroes to serve as Spoiler Space:

The All-Father!

Jane Foster

OK, spoilers are over!

Now, on to Asgard.

In the classic MU-616, Loki was the impetus who brought the Avengers together.  In many ways, during Season One, his tendrils have been just about everywhere; he formed the Masters of Evil, which has been one of the major thorns in their side.  

All of Loki's machinations (well, maybe not all of them, but a lot of them) come home to roost.   In "The Casket of Ancient Winters", Thor finds that he is exiled from Asgard; he cannot follow the Enchantress back and regain the Casket of Ancient Winters.  

The Masters of Evil prepare the ground, and Loki's forces invade Midgard (that's us).  In their way - only the mortals of the Avengers plus one beleaguered Thunder God stand in their way.  I don't have any real specific knowledge, but we are told that the Avengers get scattered across the Nine Worlds, trying to survive.  In the end, the Norns (or at least the TV guide summary of the season finale) declare that Loki will stand triumphant.

...but can he hold what he has taken against Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Time will tell the tale - all I know is that in the meantime, I have a lot of Asgardian-related microheroes to do!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is the Winter of our Discontent!

While we wait out the dearth of new content - we still have seven episodes yet to air for Season One, but so far no information about the episodes, or when their will air - I thought I'd toss out a list of things I'd like to see in future episodes (while being perfectly happy if I don't see any of it, so long as the writing stays as top-notch as it has thus far!) or seasons.

Some tap dancing will be required without the presence of the Scarlet Witch, but I am confident that they can either work around that, or (even better!) add her to the team.

* "Invasion of the Lava Men" I like the lava men, what can I say... (Av v.1 #5)

* "The Coming of the Swordsman" Intro Swordsman as a traitor Avenger. We can include the subplot with him being a spy for the Mandarin (Av v.1 #19)

* "Attuma Attacks!" (Av v.1 #26) *cue Arnie voice "Its not a tumor!"*

* "Sign of the Serpent" Sons of the Serpent (Av. v.1 #32) - Preferably with some of the Serpent Society acting as officers/leaders.  I always though that once the Serpent Society was introduced, that the Sons of the Serpent (sans their racism) would be a natural name for their human operatives.

* "In Our Midst - an Immortal" Intro Heracles (Av. v.1 #38) We can have overtones of the Thor storyline with Pluto as the enemy, too ...

* "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie" Diablo and Dragon Man (Av. v.1 #41)

* "Behold - The Vision" Intro Vision. (Av. v.1 #57)

* Combine Avengers #59 and 60, with the Circus of Crime, but minus the wedding. To0 early...

* "Enter - the Squadron Sinister" Intro the Squiddies! (Av. v1 #70)

* "The Lethal Legion" Intro Lethal Legion (Av. v.1 #79)

* "Check and Mate" Intro Space Phantom into AEMH (Av. v.1 #108)

* "Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions" Hard one without Scarlet, but has one of the best Cap scenes ever. (Av. v.1 #113)

* The Avengers/Defenders War! Go Loki!

* Any plotline with the Collector.

* The Zodiac, but any decent plot will do... (Av v.1 #120)

* Any Legion of the Unliving story, Intro Immortus (Av v.1 #130)

* Avengers Vs. Kang in the 19th Century American West (Av. v.1 #142)

* The Serpent Crown storyline. (Av. v.1 #144, et al)

* Acts of Vengence (Av v.1 #313)

* The Lunatic Legion (Kree renegades trying to take revenge on the Avengers for their part in the Kree/Skrull war)

* "Once an Invader" Et al - any excuse for an Invaders flashback. Come to that, lets see a plot with Baron Blood recapping his first appearance in the Invaders (Invaders #6-7).

There are some plots that I'd like to see - the Magneto in the Savage Land with his mutates, around Av. #112 or so? - but Magneto is problematic, given his "X-Universe" status.

I also wouldn't mind seeing "focus" episodes - adapted stories from the individual Iron Man/Thor/Cap/Hulk titles.